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The Venetian or beaten earth terrace takes its name from the lagoon city where it reached its maximum development and splendour.

It finds its antecedent in Greece where the floors made of brook stones were laid and cemented with lime and clay. Later this type of flooring was replaced with various other flooring techniques among which opus signinum which in Italy was made with shards and lime. The coverings, on the other hand, are made of lime using a technique and ingredients similar to plaster.
Mosaic floors (opus tesselatum) reached their absolute perfection towards the end of the Roman Empire with the coming of Christianization.
Credit is due to the craftsmen of Friuli for having reinvented ornamental flooring made of pebbles collected from river banks and brought to Venice. In the XX century, the advent of cement and vibrating/pressing machines and later artisanal laboratory work brought forth a sort of “prefabricated” terrace optimised in hardness and aesthetics. Grandinetti brings you this collection, strong in the experience gained in producing terraces since 1902.

Taken from “I Pavimenti alla Veneziana”, by A. Crovato – Edizioni Grafì


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