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We have had a lovely surprise over the last few days. Marcopolo TV came to visit us at the company.





The “Pastina” is a rare material that has been developed only in Italy especially because it manages to combine the color characteristics of the cement tiles and at the same time the uniformity of the surface of the terrazzo tiles.

The “Pastina” is no more than a terrazzo tiles whose inert are very thin, in fact it uses only the powder of marble: is it possible to polish the pastina after the installation, this particular feature makes it possible to obtain a “continuos effect” on floor laid with contrasting colors or decorations. The “Pastina” is the ideal material for the restoration of antique floors and for characterize modern environment.

Pastina Grandinetti is designed and manufactured in Italy following our old but still alive tradition from more than 100 years.


The new catalogue: a close up view



Inspired by the publications of the early 900, “Ambienti e decori” is the album of the floor coverings, wall coverings and accessories in terrazzo and cement tiles Grandinetti: in 416 pages the catalogue tells the story of the tiles through texts, photos and decorations, proposing solutions classic and contemporary.

Here’s a rundown of images courtesy of Our graphic Numeroquattro.


Grandinetti Graniglia and Pastina Catalogue, the Italian terrazzo and cement tiles.

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Finally online the new Grandinetti Catalogue that we describe in this way:

Wonderful simplicity

The following pages contain over one hundred years of history, the history of floors.

Terrazzo and pastina started life as products of the poor. Just like the best traditional dishes of Italian cooking, thanks to the expert ability of craftsmen, they have acquired a precise identity, arising from the various ages, trends and styles encountered during their history: art nouveau, liberty, classical abstract art, littorio, modernism and so on up to the present day.