The terrazzo tiles, such as pastina tiles and cement tiles, born at the end of the nineteenth century as poor materials; the production technology was simple, the material used for the realization of the tiles were easy to find.

Thanks to these features, along with an extraordinary resistance, shortly after entering the market, these products are claimed as “the solution” for flooring.
A century of experience in flooring testify more than any other certification of quality the resistance of floors with marble and concrete and their unique characteristics, relative to that of other natural materials, to improve aesthetically with the passing of years.
Versatility of color and size, endless possibilities of decoration, excellent thermal conductivity and modern production technologies that allow to make more thinner, compact and powerful tiles make today, more than ever, the terrazzo and other products based cement an excellent alternative for flooring and covering in different environments: public areas, shops, hotels, restaurants, theaters, museums and more.