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Cersaie, the international event for the design of surfaces and bathroom furnishing, confirms its role each year as a leading showcase that attracts participants for many reasons.

We welcomed visitors from Italy and abroad over five exciting days. Our Italian production that combines an artisan and industrial spirit always inspires the interest of many visitors and trade specialists.




Today we would like to discuss how to choose the right flooring for your house.
The choice of the type of flooring is offundamental importance, the flooring will undoubtedly last longer than your furniture or the colour on your walls.

What things should you consider before making the choice?



Special projects! Salon Delphine Courteille

The salon of the hair stylist Delphine Courteille, loved all over the world by celebrities, is a delightful masterpiece designed by  Studio Chloé Nègre. The spatial decoration has that unmistakable stylish touch of the French designer with meticulous technical spaces that are precise yet audacious.


Cersaie 2016 – Bologna, 26/30 september


Just a few days to the opening of the “International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings” Cersaie to be held every year at the centro fiere in Bologna from 28 September to 2 October.

Come and discover our colors in the Grandinetti space located in Hall 22, stand b86: the  “INCERTI”, solution for floor and wall tiles inspired by the “Opus incertum“, the “Palladiana floors” and the latest “Segati”. It’ll also be presented “ANIMA ∞” which will play together with cement tiles “ANIMA” much of the floor and wall space. You’ll find us also our traditional “GRANIGLIE“, “PASTINE“, “GRA VENEZIANA” and all other collections.


Grandinetti, tradizione contemporanea – Brera Design District, Milano


A secret cloister of the Oratory of San Marco’s Basilica is open to visitors to present Grandinetti creations, an historic company from 1902 ambassador of Made in Italy worldwide. Cementine tiles, graniglie, pastine entirely hand made according to a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation, gives birth to seven theaters featuring different atmospheres and stories. These micro-environments, scattered in the yard, will be the stages of a process in which (re) discover a type of tile, the cement tiles to be precise, that are part of our visual culture since ever, and who are candidates to become an element of excellence in the contemporary house.


Happy Holidays!



Azzurro Pastello, Albicocca, Giallo, Rosso Prugna, Azzurro pianeta and rosso diavolo…are the colors of our summer! Happy holidays!

Our offices will be open on alternate days from 10 to 28 August, for communications write us by mail at


Configurator software + Virtual Tile laying and 3D visualization




Now online the new Gradinettti configurator software; you can personalize your decor, choose from dozens of colors and materials, create your installation and show your floor in 3d.

Try it now, click here!

Grandinetti Graniglia and Pastina Catalogue, the Italian terrazzo and cement tiles. French version

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Online the French version of the new catalogue that you can download from here:


Dans les pages suivantes sont contenus plus de cent ans d’une histoire, celle des planchers. Les “Graniglie” et les “Pastine” en ciment sont nées des produits pauvres, tout comme dans la tradition de nos meilleurs plats; elles ont absorbé une identité précise des différentes époques, courants et styles qu’elles ont rencontré: l’Art Nouveau, le Liberty, le Modernisme et au-delà, jusqu’à nos jours.


Franciscan Cloisters of Ravenna (Chiostro di Dante)

Close to the tomb of Dante Alighieri, in Ravenna, one of the most beautiful and rich of history cityes of Italy, there is the complex of the Franciscan Cloisters, owned by the fondazione cassa di risparmio Ravenna.

Today the complex is home of the Centre and the Dante Museum following a major renovation carried out by Ediltenica spa and study Koine ‘Progetti srl, all flooring, wall coverings and stairs have been provided by the company Grandinetti srl.

The realization of the floor for all the Franciscan Cloisters has been one of the most important technological challenges ever faced by our company since its inception, the need to combine the terrazzo and the cotto in a single element that is repeated in floors, wall coverings and stairways led us to study a new construction technique, completely handmade, which made for a unique result. The terrazzo, such as stone “to mold”, lends itself to being able to accommodate all experimentation in his mix different materials, it can be adapted to shapes and colors, always respecting the nature of the material.


“Anima”… work in progress!

Here are some pictures of our cement tiles “anima” series in waxed finish laid with parquet.

Creativity and personality, congratulations to the designer!