Franciscan Cloisters of Ravenna (Chiostro di Dante)

Close to the tomb of Dante Alighieri, in Ravenna, one of the most beautiful and rich of history cityes of Italy, there is the complex of the Franciscan Cloisters, owned by the fondazione cassa di risparmio Ravenna.

Today the complex is home of the Centre and the Dante Museum following a major renovation carried out by Ediltenica spa and study Koine ‘Progetti srl, all flooring, wall coverings and stairs have been provided by the company Grandinetti srl.

The realization of the floor for all the Franciscan Cloisters has been one of the most important technological challenges ever faced by our company since its inception, the need to combine the terrazzo and the cotto in a single element that is repeated in floors, wall coverings and stairways led us to study a new construction technique, completely handmade, which made for a unique result. The terrazzo, such as stone “to mold”, lends itself to being able to accommodate all experimentation in his mix different materials, it can be adapted to shapes and colors, always respecting the nature of the material.


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