Post-sales service

Grandinetti provides a worksite expert for its customers, who can inspect the site and makes suggestions to the final customers. The expert can provide a direct advisory service at the worksite, in particular on the aspects listed below:

  • storage of materials
  • laying of material
  • putty filling
  • polishing
  • treatment
  • maintenance
  • general information and recommendations

Advisory service

Advisory services are provides for the planning of new floors and the maintenance of old surfaces made from chippings, cement aggregate, Portland cement and Terrazzo style.

Recovery and restoration service

We are specialised in the restoration of colours, decorations and flooring shapes in chippings, cement aggregate and Portland cement.
We carry out onsite inspections with specialised staff who are able to assess and carry out any restoration and recovery work required on old floors in chippings, cement aggregate, Portland cement and Terrazzo-style.

Turnkey service

Expert layers and polishers can lay floors, polish them and treat them with Grandinetti products worldwide.