Accessories and cornici

Terrazzo has the properties of stone with the difference that the preparation phase in the liquid state allows “casting” it in any shape you like. In the past and still today this exceptional possibility makes terrazzo a versatile, compact and indestructible material.

Added to this are the infinite aesthetic possibilities thanks to the combination of various types of rock and the aid of oxides that allow various types of “grafting” even for the most complex requirements. Because of these characteristics, the ease of use and the extremely good looks, terrazzo has stood the test of time and can shun the spells of fleeting fashions. Grandinetti, who has been producing terrazzo for more than a century, expresses its know-how in home furnishing objects in common daily use. Plain and decorated floors, mosaic and pastina floors, wall coverings, panelling, plinths and frames in various shapes, washbasins and sinks, tops, sills and stairways – we have proudly and with great satisfaction been making all this every day for more than a century.