Highly-skilled craftsman cementers in the early XX century set cubes of marble into bases made up of a mixture of cement and chippings to produce splendid decorated artefacts. Perhaps they were inspired by the masterpieces of Venetian mosaic flooring.

Professional Schools for Cementers at San Severino Marche and Matelica, in the province of Macerata, taught these techniques to young people of the time. Mosaics chipping bases did not achieve widespread popularity because, at the time, they were overshadowed by traditional decorated chipping systems (cheaper and more readily available), which Grandinetti began producing in 1902.
For some years now, thanks to wider rediscovery of this taste and our own determined search for “new” things from the past, eternal and re-workable even in modern furnishings, Grandinetti has attempted to save this cultural heritage from the risk of extinction. This catalogue offers harmonious decorative solutions with… a touch of music. Our proposals are equally matched by clients’ own tastes, since strictly hand-made execution of these decorative elements means that we can also develop projects to design.