Outdoor flooring



Classic interior flooring designs in cemented stone-chip tiles by Grandinetti, one of the oldest producers. This ornamental style is the inspiration for exterior floorings: “The Grounds”. Superb quality and absolute skill in the production of every single  decorative element. Laboratory tests have demonstrated exceptional resistance to wear and freeze-thaw phenomenon, as well as excellent non-slip characteristics. 

Plain colors


Floors made of small stones impressed, grooved and striated in extra quality cement and very high hydraulic compression (Floor Album “Ancient facility for working cements and mosaics, Gianassi, Pollino and Boffa”, Turin, 1910).Although the brief description is a century old, it still applies today: this type of material is the utmost expression of liberty style outdoor flooring. The strength of the small stones set in cement is “certified” by decades of walking on the floors in the most beautiful villas in Italy, in hallways and on city sidewalks.

Cotto minerale

The typical colours of the rocks and the earth in these regions in central Italy are recaptured with this material that looks like burnt brick but in essence is just like a small stone set in cement. 

Plain colors