Decorated tiles

Tiles can be decorated in countless ways, so they have always been able to keep up with the times.

mattonelle decorate

From geometric designs to floral and interwoven patterns, each form of decoration descends from a specific style that emerged at a precise point in time. Decorations can be adapted to match the architectural surroundings and vice versa. Our selection of decorations forms a nucleus of timeless designs. It is possible to see the path taken from the dawn of decoration to the latest trends. Decorating involves expressing and letting loose your creative side. You can do this by changing the colours in our designs or by creating custom, “tailor-made” solutions that fully convey everything that you have to say.The cement paste and grit utilized to make the tiles present infinite decorative possibilities. The production technique is completely manual and we use moulds that have been in our possession for more than a century. The working methods have been the same ever since the first tiles were made. This all means that every decoration and every tile produced is unique and a real work of art.